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CHEFBOT (Tastebud) by Unicorn


Leveraging AI capabilities to develop an Al Chefbot that can help users with recipe and ingredient-related requirements while also generating more sales and collecting customer data.
The Solution X Factor:  

  • Established, a platform offering personalized recipes and ingredient recommendations, with a unique focus on user-specific allergy history.

  • Implemented an innovative feature allowing users to provide audio instructions, enhancing user engagement, and making the platform accessible to a broader audience.

  • Enabled personalized filtering, including location and agenda preferences, ensuring users receive tailored recommendations.

  • Simplified recipe choices by categorizing them according to user skill levels, catering to both beginners and experienced chefs.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

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Technologies Used:

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Future Roadmap:  

  • Integrate Chefbot with other advanced bots in our ecosystem, including Stylemate, Planbot, and Travelbot. This strategic integration aims to create a self-sufficient and interconnected community, where users can transition between various bots for a holistic and personalized experience.

Business Benefits:  

  • Empowering Vendors: We provide a dynamic platform for vendors to showcase and sell their premium cookware at discounted rates exclusively to our subscribers.

  • Inclusive Freemium Model: The subscription plans to cater to a diverse audience, offering flexible durations from one day to a year. This inclusive approach ensures accessibility for all users, promoting widespread participation.

  • Community-Centric Membership: Upon joining, users become part of a culinary community where they can share recipes and participate in cuisine committees.

  • Premium Rewards: Encouraging user involvement, our platform rewards contributors with exclusive vouchers from partner vendors each time they upload recipes

Project Highlights:

  • Building Database: Leveraged ChatGPT to curate a comprehensive database of ingredients by exploring various cuisines. Extracted a rich list of over 50 diverse ingredients, enhancing the depth and breadth of our culinary repository.

  • Image Captioning: Empowering ChefBot to analyze fridge contents from images and offer personalized recipe suggestions based on available ingredients.

  • Skill Based Recipe: Recommends easy recipes for bachelors and more intricate options for seasoned professional chefs, ensuring a customized cooking experience for every skill level.

Your kitchen, your rules – Tastebud, where everyone is a chef!

In a world where the convenience of fast food often trumps homemade meals, Unicorn’s Tastebud emerges as the game-changer, ensuring that no one leaves home hungry and succumbs to the temptation of outside junk food.

Tastebud empowers individuals by curating personalized recipes, finely tuned to suit varying schedules, ingredient availability, and skill levels, ensuring a tailored culinary experience for every user.

To know more about this solution, reach out to!

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