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STYLEMATE (StyloBot) By Spartans

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An AI assistant to strengthen the ecommerce experience for shoppers and fashion enthusiasts and help them make the right choices. 


The Solution X Factor:

  • Provided precise answers to fashion queries, ensuring the right choice for each situation. 

  • Integrated OpenAI APIs into the Salesforce Cloud for enhanced usability. 

  • Enabled users to see fashion forecasts based on app’s data analysis and plan their wardrobe accordingly.

  • Enhanced virtual shopping experience by empowering users to try on clothes through their avatars hence facilitating convenience and reducing the need for physical try-ons.

  • Allowed users to input and store their measurements for a more accurate and tailored style recommendation.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

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Technologies Used:

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Future Roadmap:  

  • Invite Option:  Getting ready is not an individual decision always. You discuss it with your friends and give the dress a final go. Based on this insight, STYLEMATE will allow the members to invite their friends on to this application and chat. 

  • Thrift Store: Based on a user’s wardrobe data, AI will suggest the user to discard the least used clothing item and put it on the app’s thrift store.  

  • Style Suggestions: AI will pair up your pieces for you and become your personal styler.  

  • Forecast Trends: Stylo will keep the user updated about the current and future trends.  

Business Benefits:  

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Leveraging insights from STYLEMATE's comprehensive data, users gain the ability to make informed decisions by understanding sales trends, inventory status, and fashion preferences, enabling strategic decision-making.

  • Strategic B2B Integration: Proposing a sophisticated business-to-business (B2B) strategy, the suggestion is to seamlessly integrate STYLEMATE's whitelabeled product into Myntra's platform. Myntra can enhance its user experience by incorporating STYLEMATE's whitelabeled style bot directly within its application, creating a symbiotic partnership for elevated fashion recommendations.


Project Highlights:

  • Natural Language Interaction: Empowered users to effortlessly articulate their style preferences and receive advice from STYLEMATE through seamless natural language interaction.

  • Event Specific Styling: Tailored personalized suggestions to align with the unique requirements of various events, ensuring users are perfectly styled for any occasion.

  • Smart Budget-Friendly Recommendations: Ingeniously suggested fashion items curated to match the user's budget, providing a stylish experience that aligns with financial preferences.

  • Precision in Fit: Incorporated advanced domain-specific AI to fine-tune style recommendations, utilizing user preferences and responses to specific questions to deliver a flawless and customized fit.

In X24 Season 7, Team Spartans encountered a challenge that resonates with the daily struggles of millions: the daunting decision of what to wear.  

Don’t we all wish we had a fashion partner who could help us at the tap of a button? 

Introducing StyloBot, or STYLEMATE – your go-to fashion buddy!  
With the power to decipher the language of style, StyloBot guides fashion enthusiasts to the perfect choices and forecasts trends, making it your personalized fashion oracle. 

To know more about this solution, reach out to!

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