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FINBOT (LoanLyft) By Constant Variables

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Leveraging AI capabilities to develop a financial advisor chatbot that can takeover lead management efficiently.
The Solution X Factor: 

  • Engineered LoanLyft tailored to cater to the evolving personal loan needs of the younger generation.

  • Introduced Jolly, an intelligent and responsive chatbot, transforming customer support and engagement. It utilizes advanced queries, including lifestyle-related questions (e.g., car ownership, residence, marital status, children's schools) to assess standard of living.

  • Implemented an EMI calculator, simplifying financial planning for users.

  • Reduced user costs by eliminating the need for physical visits, saving time and resources.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

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Technologies Used:

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Future Roadmap:  

  • Enable a portal, where the users can submit their documents on the spot. 

  • Implement robust security measures, including Captcha for user authentication and secure data storage within the Salesforce platform.

  • Use Twilio for WhatsApp integration.


Business Benefits:  

  • Drastically cut costs and time by eliminating the need for agent intervention in the initial stages of the loan process.

  • Optimize efforts and expand your business footprint by concentrating solely on users who express genuine interest in availing loans, ensuring a more efficient and targeted approach to customer engagement.


Project Highlights:

  • Lead Generation: Streamlined lead generation through Salesforce automation, delivering personalized and timely outreach to potential leads.

  • Informative Dashboards: Engineered comprehensive dashboards on Salesforce, offering real-time insights and analytics for informed decision-making.

  • Google Integration Service: Implemented advanced audio-to-text technology, facilitating efficient transcription of verbal communications and ensuring accessible, searchable data.

Constant Variables recognized the prevailing trend of the younger generation being the primary consumers of personal loans. To cater to their unique needs, LoanLyft was crafted with unique features like EMI Calculator and a user-centric design.

LoanLyft has effectively alleviated the complexities associated with obtaining loans, thereby significantly enhancing the lives of young individuals.

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