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MYEYE (Aura View) By Parikrama

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Leveraging AI capabilities around image recognition, speech recognition, prediction, and analytics to solve multiple daily problems for the visually challenged.

The Solution X Factor:

  • Empowered visually impaired individuals by offering a tangible understanding of their surroundings through features such as image, audio, and video recognition.

  • Connected individuals with similar interests and challenges, creating a supportive network for shared experiences.

  • Reduced users’ dependency on others by acting as a valuable aid in emergencies or challenging situations.

  • Addressed travel challenges, assisted with navigation, and established a platform for engaging in a myriad of activities.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

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Technologies Used:

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Future Roadmap: 

  • Two Dynamic Business Models:

    • Facilitators: Identifying popular dining spots in the vicinity.

    • Community Building: Recommending relevant services, courses, and updates.


Business Benefits: 

  • Sponsors: Showcase their products and services directly to users, enhancing visibility.


Project Highlights:

  • OpenAI Integration: Leveraged OpenAI's Vision API to seamlessly convert video descriptions into audio formats.

  • AI Assistance: Enabled AI to read and comprehend various content types such as books, newspapers, and articles.

  • BYOD Functionality: Implemented a robust "Bring Your Own Data" feature, delivering precise information tailored to user queries.

  • Technology: Utilized React Native's built-in capabilities for efficient speech-to-text and text-to-speech functionalities.


With MYEYE as their use case and their EYES on the prize, Parikrama worked their way up to victory.

They developed Aura View with the intention of fostering empathy with users, ensuring it stands as the epitome of user-friendliness—making it not just a mobile application but an intuitive companion. Navigating the app should be a comfortable and enriching experience, a sentiment woven into its very design.

Parikrama made Aura View smarter by using AI for recognizing images, audio, and videos, so users can get detailed info about what's around them, making the app more advanced and useful.

Hats off to them for demonstrating how technology can truly simplify lives.

To know more about this solution, reach out to!

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