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PLANBOT (Bash Buddy) By Infinite 

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A chatbot and dashboard designed to revolutionize event planning. PLANBOT interacts with customers, understands preferences, and guides them in planning for all kinds of events. 


The Solution X Factor:

  • Enabled creation of seamless and personalized events.  

  • Developed a user-friendly portal for effortless event coordination.  

  • Helped strengthen vendor-client relations with WhatsApp integration.  

  • Increased income generation with easier access to clients and orders.  

  • Enabled administrators to gain strategic insights with a comprehensive dashboard.  

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

Technologies Used:

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Power BI

Adobe Firefly


Future Roadmap: 

  • HD Event Photos (Paid) 

  • Integration with TravBot, ChefBot 

  • Vector-Based Image Recognition 

  • User Loyalty Program 

Business Benefits: 

  • Customers: Cost-Effective One-Stop Solution 

  • Vendors: Targeted Advertisements, Better Reach, Higher Commissions 

  • Admins: Profit/Loss Analysis via Platform Usage 

Project Highlights 

  • Data Ingestion: Rapid personalization in 24 hours 

  • AI Focus: End-to-end AI implementation 

  • Uptime Success: Received WhatsApp requests within 6-10 hours 

  • Twilio Integration: Improved user experience on WhatsApp 

  • Admin Dashboard: Enhanced vendor tracking and ratings 


Do you ever wish that you had a magical assistant to help you throw the perfect party or plan the perfect event? Introducing Bash Buddy (PLANBOT): The answer to all your event planning needs! 

X24 Season 7 saw Team Infinite pulling out all the stops in the race to the finish. With their “Bash Buddy” solution, they aimed to solve one of the biggest hassles for social occasions — the planning aspect! 

Integrating AI and other tools, the team was able to create a chatbot that can understand and respond to users’ specific event-planning queries, with suggestions for the venue, dress code, possible themes, and more. 


To know more about this solution, reach out to!

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