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AMWELL (MEDISYNC, Medly) By Royal Brigade

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Enhancing medical care with a chatbot for multilingual verbal communication and streamlined appointment booking, connecting rural patients with healthcare professionals efficiently.

The Solution X Factor:

  • Implemented patient-focused features like appointment scheduling and facilitating medical record-keeping.

  • Prioritized a user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of navigation, especially for users in rural areas.

  • Created a chatbot (Medly) for easy and streamlined scheduling with healthcare providers.

  • Enabled a multilingual capability for seamless communication, breaking down language barriers.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

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Technologies Used:

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Value Proposition:

  • Vision: Forge a platform uniting Health Professionals and Rural Communities, fostering accessible and inclusive healthcare.

  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition): Stand out with our Multilingual Application, enabling a conversational walk-and-talk experience with our Chatbot.

  • Special Feature: Utilize cutting-edge Technology and AI to pave a straightforward path for Rural Communities, breaking down apprehension barriers and ensuring easy access to healthcare resources.


Future Roadmap:

  • Home Delivery of Medicine: Introduce a streamlined system for the convenient home delivery of prescribed medications.

  • Doctors' Home Visits: Explore the possibility of doctors conducting checkups at patients' homes, enhancing accessibility to healthcare services.

  • Collaboration with Pharmaceutical Companies: Foster partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to broaden the range of available medications and improve patient care.

  • Physician Home Visits: Extend the service to include home visits by physicians for comprehensive healthcare at the patient's convenience.

  • Pill Reminder Notifications: Implement an effective system to remind patients to take their medications as prescribed.

  • Exercise Task Reminders: Integrate reminders for daily exercise routines, enhancing the holistic approach to healthcare.

  • Patient Adherence Report: Develop a comprehensive report system to monitor and analyze patient adherence to prescribed treatments.

  • Alexa Usage: Explore integration with voice-activated devices like Alexa for a more user-friendly and accessible experience.

  • Daily Workout Plans and Videos: Introduce tailored workout plans and video content, possibly in the form of challenges, to encourage daily physical activity.

  • Participation Notifications for Campaigns: Implement notifications to encourage patient participation in health campaigns or awareness programs.


During the X24 Season 7 Hackathon, Team Royal Brigade tackled a pressing issue: improving healthcare accessibility and disease diagnosis. In the face of challenges such as limited education and language barriers, healthcare remains elusive, particularly in rural areas.

Enter MEDISYNC (AMWELL), an AI-powered solution breaking down communication barriers, allowing patients to converse with doctors in their native languages and access better medical assistance with the simple push of a button!

To know more about this solution, reach out to!

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