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X24's Special Coach

Don Tyson

Don brings over 15 years of experience building high performing and innovative solutions in the Fintech space. He has held positions like Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer at one of the leading financial services software providers. As a technology management consultant, Don has been instrumental in helping financial services and e-commerce businesses build product and technology strategies. These strategies leverage cloud-based technologies and cybersecurity principles to improve security, efficiency, and time to market. Using technology to enhance a user’s everyday experience is one of Don’s passions, and he is looking forward to some great work from the X24 teams.

X24 Gurus

Abhishek Chandra

As CIO of IIFL Investment Managers (India’s largest private wealth management organization), Abhishek has over 15 years of extensive experience in the banking and wealth management domains. More than qualified, he has been instrumental in various new product launches like wealth planning, Lombard lending and digital offerings of the private banking business. Currently, he is designing the road map for the IIFL digital strategy. If you are going to dabble with Blockchain or Bitcoin, he is your go-to person!

George Eldho

All you SAP fanatics, take note, we have a guru who will take you to task! With 14 years of experience in IT, George has been with SAP since 2005. He is a friend of Extentia and currently part of the Solution Experience team. George manages the platform, S/4HANA teams and has worked on several SAP technologies, enterprise applications, and the cloud platform. So you better be set to impress! 

Mahendra Yadav

The CEO of Tavisca Solutions, Mahendra has had three start-up ventures in the beginning of his career. Learning from this, he established Tavisca, which has made a name for itself in travel technology. Along the way, it has also helped two companies – Intangles and udChalo to take shape. In his free time, Mahendra enjoys photography, art, birdwatching, astronomy and painting doors with his children. So, to test your creativity here’s Mahendra!

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