Komal Khilnani Shares Her Thoughts on X24 Season 5

“More and more real world projects are going to be using SMART technologies, interfaces with IOT devices, interfaces with voice assistance among other things. This year will ensure that our teams get significant practice as well as exposure to these real world situations where you need to collect data from SMART devices and come up with solutions geared toward utilizing this data in productive ways. While previously these solutions were all very experimental, they are now more aligned to tangible scenarios.

Our partners want to know the ways in which SMART technology is going to benefit them or how a project is going to roll-out with multifaceted aspects of the same technology. It is no longer enough to write plain, linear lines of code on a computer screen and then run it in another situation. It is now about all of your devices being seamlessly connected, a constant link to the cloud and figuring out how to utilize the data available to you to build out a smart solution that ultimately improves the life of other people. X24 Season 5 is going to show our partners, clients and friends precisely how we’re going to go about doing this in the years to come.

That is what impresses me most about this year’s theme and why X24 is vitally important to Extentia as an organization.”

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