X24’s SMART Solutions -- Part 02

Constant Variables – SMART Highway

Constant Variables needed to create a solution which will help them to monitor and manage traffic by providing users with proper signals for speed limits, changing street lights based on vehicle movement, and notifying nearby vehicles of congestion.

Their solution aimed at addressing situations where highway authorities and emergency services needed to be notified along with providing the capability to adjust lights on the road. It utilized sensors in cars to gauge any possible impact and immediately transmit data to relief services such as hospitals and law enforcement along with energy efficient street lights that adjust themselves according to the level of traffic congestion. It also integrated cameras to capture vehicles along with their identifying features.

Infinites – SMART Toll

The aim for Infinites was to develop a SMART toll solution for a highway that will display the speed limit, optimize lane traffic to avoid congestion, collect toll charges based on vehicle type and weight, capture a vehicle’s image, open/close the toll gate, and alert authorities in case of the non-payment of toll charges.

Their solution, 'Teztoll', integrated NFC tags to allow for seamless passage through toll booths with no halting required, whatsoever. Cameras are used to take pictures of vehicles as they pass through, along with their number plates. It also provided the option of utilizing QR codes for the same purpose, for users without NFC. In addition to the above, the solution harnessed IR sensors to provide information pertaining to traffic congestion which could then be utilized to inform relief and emergency services, if required. These sensors can also be used in conjunction with a controller app to seamlessly switch lanes of traffic.

Unicorns – SMART Home

Unicorns were tasked with integrating a house with SMART home technology so as to allow for users to change home light intensity based on ambient light, play music based on the specific time of the day, switch fans on/off with required intensity based on room temperature and humidity, stop an alarm clock buzzer based on pressure, switch home electric power between the State Electricity Board and a solar panel, open/close the home garage gate based on car arrival/departure, and evaluate electric vehicle battery level.

Their solution utilized IR sensors to control access to entrances as well as to modify climatic conditions within individual rooms. The sensors also allow users to save energy by providing data pertaining to the intensity of natural light outside. In addition to this, the house makes use of solar panels which integrate with the aforementioned sensors to approximate the proportion of solar energy to regular electricity that is currently being utilized. In terms of security, the house utilizes cameras linked to an application via sensors. This app can also be used to control vital functions of the house and access the related data logs.

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