SMART Surprises

A bleary-eyed early morning of X24 Season 5 saw a few surprises thrown the way of the houses, with every announcement punctuated by a mischievous guffaw from the X24 Organizing Committee and Umeed.

The first surprise was the introduction of a SMART ‘shop’ from which the teams could peruse a collection of mobile devices and Techquarium devices. Some of the wares on offer included iPhones, Chromecasts, NFC Stickers, a 3D Printer and much more. It made clear to participants that they needed to officially inform the Org before taking a given device out of the shop. Next, the Org announced a collection of new sensors and devices that the teams could make use of for their SMART solutions. These included –

1. A Solar Panel

2. A Current Sensor ACS712

3. A Voltage Sensor

4. An LED Strip WS281B

5. A Wind Mill

Following this, the Org announced the winners of the X24 pre-events. This year’s pre-events awarded teams for attending and excelling in a series of IoT trainings. The Infinite house had the highest recorded attendance and received 15 valuable minutes of consultation time with Umeed. Parikrama won the prize for scoring the highest grade on the technical test and won one additional wild card entry.

In addition to all of the above and in a collaborative twist, it was revealed that the Gurus would be awarding bonus points to teams that can connect solutions together to solve any of their given challenge statements, for example, a SMART highway and a SMART toll. It looks like it’s going to be quite a rollercoaster ride. Good luck and may the best team win!

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