Get SMART. Get Ready.

Wednesday, September 18, saw the Core, Org, X24 Teams, and Crew assemble in RANGE for a pre-event session. It commenced with a SMART partner reveal -- once again we have multiple partners returning and new ones joining X24 Season 5. This was followed by some new rules for the teams to follow during X24 as well as while working in the XEN LAB.

This season will have Wild Cards – three per team as well as SMART Kits and a base board that has to be utilized while creating the solution. After introducing the X24 SMART Gurus – Shashikant Shimpi, Yogesh Shinde, Subhadra Ramaswamy, Badri Subramaniyan and Coaches – Arijit Mallick and Rahul Swaminathan for Season 5, the Org ran through the master schedule and judging criteria for the 2019 season.

Next the pre-events – SMART Quiz and ‘Create Your SmartScape’ winners were announced, both events won benefits for their X24 teams.

The SMART Quiz winners got to pick the best tables and preferred cabins in the following order:

1. Spartans

2. Royal Brigade

3. Unicorn

4. Infinite

5. Constant Variables

6. Parikrama

The SmartScape winners were allowed to choose their challenge statements in the following order:

1. Parikrama

2. Royal Brigade

3. Infinite

The other houses had to draw the remaining statements in random order from a bowl.

Finally, the most anticipated section of the hackathon commenced – the challenge statement reveal!

1. Constant Variables – SMART Highway

A stretch of a new highway is in need of repair work, as a result, traffic has been operating through a single lane. The road transport authorities are in need of a solution which will help them to monitor and manage traffic by providing users with proper signals for speed limits, changing street lights based on vehicle movement, and notifying nearby vehicles of congestions.

2. Infinite – SMART Toll

A newly developed highway needs a smart toll system, the manager of this plaza wants to create a seamless experience for vehicles and manage any emergency situations. They are looking for a solution that will display the speed limit, optimize lane traffic to avoid congestion, collect toll charges based on vehicle type and weight, capture a vehicle’s image, open/close the toll gate, and alert authorities in case of non-payment of toll charges.

3. Parikrama – SMART Fire Control

The DB Mall is a well-known mall with a large number of customers. The mall manager wants to upgrade it with some smart safety features detecting a fire and sounding an alarm, displaying the fire’s location on public screens, showing emergency exit lights, notifying customers and employees about evacuation plan and emergency services and sharing the GPS location with the fire station.

4. Royal Brigade – SMART Store

XMart is a new and upcoming store in the city. Lisa, the store manager wants to introduce smart solutions for their customers as well as for their own operations team. She wants to enhance the customer experience by tracking energy consumption based on lighting and cooling, changing the fan speed based on room size and the number of people, tracking the product inventory based on pressure on the shelves, displaying temperature, and screening product advertisement when someone passes by a specific location.

5. Spartans – SMART Farm

Green Farm’s owner is looking for a smart solution through which she can enhance traditional agricultural practices. She would like to switch farm electric power between the State Electricity Board and a windmill, control lighting for better growth of the plants, schedule watering based on the weather and fixed schedule, start/stop water pumps based on water levels, measure truck weight while leaving the farm with produce, maintain an appropriate temperature for the plants, and geofence livestock.

6. Unicorn – SMART Home

Rahul has bought a new house which he would like to integrate with smart home gadgets. He has shared his inputs with the engineer and would like to change home light intensity based on ambient light, play music based on the specific time of the day and presence in the house, switch fan on/off with required intensity based on the room temperature and humidity, stop an alarm clock buzzer based on pressure, switch home electric power between State Electricity Board and solar panel, open and close the home garage gate based on car arrival/departure, and evaluate electric vehicle battery level.

The houses chose and will tackle these SMART statements tomorrow. Keep checking in to see how they progress!

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