The SMART Quiz – Question 1

The Extentia SMART Quiz is an email based trivia quiz intended to warm up our houses and act as an appetizer to the larger X24 competition. Each house is to be a allotted a point for every representative that sends in the right answer but a single person is only allowed to send in an answer once per question. On September 3, amid much furore and with the teams in the throes of their final preparation, the first SMART technology question abruptly popped into our unsuspecting inboxes –

“On August 27, 2015, the Indian government announced the names of cities to be developed as smart cities. Which state is allotted the maximum number of smart cities?”

The list of potential answers were – Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh or Maharashtra with the correct answer being Uttar Pradesh.

After a little bit of head scratching (and probably a lot of googling), everyone sent in what they hoped would be the right answer.

By the end of the day the standings were as follows –

  1. Spartans – 34

  2. Royal Brigade – 26

  3. CV – 21

  4. Unicorns – 20

  5. Infinites – 17

  6. Parikrama – 16

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