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Calling all captains  it's time to D.I.E. HARD in X24  Season 4!

We have all the tips and tricks to help you win.

You can't D.I.E HARD until you've attended these Spotlight sessions!

  • So many technologies to choose from – should we use them all?
    Take your pick! You can select either React or Angular, or both. Similarly, you can choose between Node JS/Express and Microservices.
  • While we’d love to use every Techquarium device – how many are permitted?
    You may use one or more – leave some for the other teams!
  • Two teams – one device! What should we do?
    Play nice – X24 aims to foster creativity and teamwork within and beyond the house teams. So, create a schedule that allows both teams to benefit from the chosen device.
  • I want the best Techquarium device – how soon can I reserve it?
    First comes the challenge, then the device – pick one as soon as you’ve got a statement.
  • The more the merrier – how many members per team?
    Pick the strongest 14 to represent your house.
  • We can’t wait for the challenge statement reveal – when will this be?
    We promise it’ll be worth the wait, keep checking back to know more.
  • Mobile Native development – yes or no?
    Yes! The preferred technology stack is recommended not mandatory.
  • We can’t wait to make the trip from EWB to ETP – is travel reimbursement covered?
    We really want you to be here! Extentia will take care of travel expenses for EWB members, get in touch with our admin team for further details.
  • Is it mandatory for a team to use a substitute?
    Of course – all 3 substitutes must be used. Each substitute is expected to be in the team for a minimum of 2 hours
  • Can a team use substitutes at any time?
    A team can use substitutes between 13.11 on 24 Aug to 09.11 on 25 Aug only. However, please ensure you plan your substitution well – we do not recommend any variable/substitute member travel between home/office between 22:00 on 24 Aug and 5:00 on 25. All substitutes are welcome to be within the ETP premises for the duration of the hackathon.
  • Can substitutes leave office once done with their work?
    Yes. They can leave office after their work is done however late night travel is not recommended. See above for recommended travel time.
  • Can substitute members join the Challenge Statement session and sales pitch?
    Yes – they are most welcome to join these sessions.
  • Can a team use all substitutes at the same time?
    Yes you can
  • What is the procedure to replace a variable member with a substitute?
    A team has to inform the X24 ORG team before replacing a variable member with a substitute member.
  • Can fixed and variable members leave office premises?
    Fixed members cannot leave office premises at any time during the hackathon. However, if there is an emergency, please consult with the X24 Org committee and they will make a decision. Variable members can leave office premises – but note the time restrictions mentioned above.
  • Can a variable/substitute participant, who has left office premises during the X24 time period, join the team again?"
    Yes, as long as the rules of substitution and travel time (as mentioned above) are followed.
  • If any member becomes unavailable on 24-25 Aug because of a personal or medical emergency; can a team replace that member with a new member on the hackathon day?
    No, this is not allowed. After the team announcement deadline, team changes are not allowed. If any member becomes unavailable on the hackathon day because of a personal or medical emergency then that respective team will have to work without that member.
  • What if a team does not use all three substitutes?
    Not using substitutes will have a negative impact on the teams' overall performance.
  • Can a substitute member work outside of the hackathon area?
    As per the code of conduct, all the teams are expected to only use the services of their team members that are present on the hackathon floor. Do not ask your substitute team members or any other house member to work on code/design/research if they are not in the active team at the given time. Failure to comply with this will result in your team being disqualified from the event.

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