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Calling all captains  it's time to D.I.E. HARD in X24  Season 4!

We have all the tips and tricks to help you win.

Team Structure

Nakatomi Extentia Plaza is under attack! Only your solutions can save the day – are you ready to assemble a D.I.E HARD team?

 Team Size: 14 members = 6 fixed + 5 variable + 3 substitutes

Rules for Team Composition

6 Fixed Members​ 

  • Minimum one female member

  • Minimum one member from the EWB office

  • Members with less than two years of total experience and have joined Extentia after X24.2016.Hackathon

5 Variable Members

  • Should be chosen from a group of eight house members

  • Once five members are chosen -- the rest will be considered substitutes 

  • No conditions for choosing the members

3 Substitutes

  • Substitutions for teams are allowed between 13:11 to 09:11

  • Substitutes must be part of the team for a minimum of two hours 

  • X24.ORG members are to be notified of substitutions

  • All three substitutes are to be used during the specified time frame

  • Unlimited substitutions are allowed 

  • Disadvantages if substitutes are not availed

Please Note

  • Only one design machine per team

  • Two people as team members (maximum) who have participated in two or more seasons of the X24 Hackathon

  • Restricted from participation -- VPs, X24.ORG, X24.CREW 

11 members at a time on the war field from each house

Let's design solutions worth for!

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