X24 Season 6 - Reel It Up!

Are you buzzing with excitement like we are? We bring you the third event of X24 Season 6 - Reel it up!

Each house must make a superb reel and let the internet do what it does best – judge!

What does the reel have to convey?

Imagine yourself as a marketer for the day, how would you promote X24? Use all your reel skills to build the hype and win over the internet!

Your challenge begins on Nov 17, 2022, and you must submit the reel by 12 P.M., Nov 24, 2022.

Below are guidelines to help you get started –

  • The reel should be 30-60 seconds long

  • Be as creative as possible – include Extentians working remotely

  • Apps you can use for editing – VN, and Canva

  • Once created, upload your reel on to a one-drive folder in a .mp4 format and send us the link to the folder

  • Once submitted, the reel will be uploaded and judged on the basis of the number of likes and shares received over 24 hours

Get your house members into a huddle, for this one could be a muddle.