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Filled with non-stop coding, unlimited amounts of energy, and of course, an ever-flowing supply of food, X24 is Extentia’s most anticipated event.

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SEASON 6 – X24 2022

This season was a SMART hackathon with the challenge to improve the cityscapes that we inhabit, using technology.

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SEASON 5 – X24 2019

This season focused on Data, Intelligence, and Experience (D.I.E.). It featured real problems from real partners resulting in real solutions!

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SEASON 4 – X24 2018

At X24 2017, business met digital transformation, and how! Find out more about what happened that year.

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SEASON 3 – X24 2017

The second season was full of twists including the concept of wild card entries and a unique Marketplace.

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SEASON 2 – X24 2016

For the first time ever, Extentia held X24, a unique “Build Marathon” that featured six internal teams.

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SEASON 1 – X24 2015

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