The SMART Spot Quiz Winners – Day 1

September 19, 2019

Our quizzers, Nikita and Evelyn visited all the floors and asked Extentians 5 intriguing questions.


Here are the questions and our lucky winners.


1. What country does LEGO ® come from? – Denmark

    Winner: Anshul Maskar


2. This is an urban area that uses different types of IoT sensors to collect data and then use these          data to manage assets and resources efficiently. What? – SmartCity

    Winner: Sachin Korpad


3. What is Extentia’s technology showcase called, and since when (year) has it been organized? –            Techquarum®, and 2014

    Winner: Sanchita Bhat


4. When did the term ‘hackathon’ first come into use? – 1999

    Winner: Aditee Gaikwad


5. LEGO® has some parks across the world – what are they called? – LEGOLAND®

    Winner: Vipul Mahapurush


Congratulations to the recipients of the Du Village products! Did you guess the right answer?


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