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The Creathon

Are you ready for the X24 Creathon?

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November 2, 2023 

2:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Extentia Tower, Kalyani Nagar


Creathon 2023 at XEN LAB was a vibrant, innovative, and highly competitive event that brought out the best in our teams. Here's a snapshot of the excitement: 

Creativity Unlimited: Six of Extentia's houses embraced the challenge to craft winning strategies. They didn't just bring items from home; there was a surprise opportunity to source additional materials from Extentia's room of resources.

Challenge: The mission was clear – create something truly out of the box, drawing inspiration from the Rube Goldberg effect. 

Use of AI: Every house was tasked with seamlessly weaving AI capabilities into their creative process. 

Impress the Judges: Adam, Matthew, Navin, and Todd, from Shift7 judged the models based on their creativity, attention to detail, neatness, and the use of AI.

Creathon Results:

Winner –  Parikrama

2nd – Infinite and Spartans

3rd – Unicorns

4th – Royal Brigade

5th – Constant Variables 

Congratulations to all houses for elevating the standard of creativity and laying the groundwork for the eagerly anticipated X24 Hackathon!

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